Saturday, October 29, 2011

Class Sample Is Done!

My Sweet honey took me on a little trip to Williams Arizona to take the train to the Grand Canyon.  Of course I like to bring some handwork with me.  I worked on the binding for my Fly to the Star Class sample.  Here it is on my lab in the car.

Here it is all finished and ready to take the shop as a class sample.  I quilted it during the week and added the binding so I could do the hand stitching on the trip.  I finished it about 1/2 an hour before we arrived at our home.

I did simple quilting, in the ditch, and a 1/4 inch inside the square of the star and some of the geese.  Around the three dimensional geese I quilted the background of the blocks in a small meandering so the geese would pop.  I don't think it shows real well in the photo.  I did larger meandering in the border. You can double click on the picture to see it bigger.

Happy Stitching and Happy Halloween!

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