Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday in the Park

Block 2
Well not really it was still too hot out today.  I made ten of these instead of going to the park! Plus I run errands and went out to dinner with Mr. B.

On the Design Wall

This is what it is starting to look like.  This is when I wish I had a bigger design wall.  This baby is going to be a king size when ti is done.  The colors are growing on me, this is so way out of my comfort zone.  One of my friends saw it today and feels the colors are very rich.  It is funny how sometimes the right words can make you see something in a different light.

Happy Stitching!!


mrsquilt said...

This is really turning out great, I am sure they will love it.

Mary said...

Thanks Kellie, I sure hope so.!