Sunday, August 28, 2011

I have been busy

But it hasn't been quilting. I have been busy making scrapbook pages for the life stories of my parents. I finished six new pages this week and have two more in the works. These pages are mostly to document my parents life or what I know of their life and you can see them on my genealogy blog.

All right I couldn't resist putting two of them here because after all a blog post with pictures is more interested. The first picture is of my first page of my life story I couldn't resist using this fun little page called here's what happened. This was for 1948 the year I was born.                 The next picture is of my maternal grandmother Minnie Elizabeth this picture was taken in 1905 when she graduated from nursing school in Manhattan and I think she's beautiful. 

If you would like to see more pictures of pages you can see them here.

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Janice Hartman said...

These are great, Mary. You were a cute baby. Did you do these pages digitally or are they cut and paste with paper and pictures. They sure look good.