Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I am not doing a lot...

But I'm doing something!

Work has been really busy and I come home really tired so I don't feel like doing any sewing even hand sewing. Plus Mr. B. And I have been doing a a Harry Potter movie marathon. When I watch TV with my honey I sit in the TV room. The recliner in the TV room is not as comfortable to sew in as my small rocking chair in my sewing room. So that also contributed to the lack sewing completed.

I appliqu├ęd all the center yo-yos on the blocks I've completed this point, previously they were only tacked down. Here is a picture of them all in a pile, I didn't feel like putting the backup on the design wall.  I wanted this picture right by this little paragraph but I couldn't get it to go here no matter how much I tried so there it is up above out of place.

The block on the bottom left is the one I appliqued all the yo-yos on.  I also made a bunch of more yo-yos.  I found some different fabrics to use. 
Here are all the Yo-Yos I have (20) finished, as of tonight, and (14) with just centers. 


Cori said...

I'm impressed with your tenacity! Little nit-picky things like yo-yos are so cute and so far outside my attention span at this time in my life. Hopefully, someday, I'll be able to focus again...

I'm not sure if I've sent you the link to my new blog:

I haven't put much on there lately because of several huge commitments, but I should get back to it soon. It's nice to keep up with your life!

Mary said...

I am not sure why I am so drawn to this project but I do know I don’t have the energy to sit at my machine. So I’m not. Work is crazy and stressful. And this project is relaxing.
I like your new blog!

Janice Hartman said...

They look great. Handwork does take a lot of time. I've got my civil war bride top finished, now to hand quilt it.

Mary said...

Jan, That is really awesome that all your blocks are done!