Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Little Quilting Update

Yes it is finished!
Last Saturday I did go to Zoe’s trunk to find the binding fabric that I was short on.  I didn't want to use the brown and since I could find what I wanted it all worked.  It was the last fat quarter in the store.  It is a small finish but it is a finish and it feels good.  I have it hanging on the wall by my computer. 

Still making progress on Fresh Picked Flowers for my cousin.  Pressing all those seams is a pain.  I am still thinking about how I want to do the borders.  I might do something different then the suggestion in the pattern, but I haven't played in EQ7 to work out the dimensions.  

Speaking of EQ7 I started working on my handouts for a Beyond the Basics class for the fall.  I am starting early because I have a lot to decide on what to teach.    See here is my first slide, I am reusing some of the slides from when I had a Beyond the Basics of EQ5.  To see more you have to come take the class.

I also spent some time making more Yo-Yos.  I had a bunch made and I want to make a lot more.  I am going to need a lot, I am not counting how many I will need, that would be too discouraging.

What I had made before June
Here are what I made during the last two weeks. Well 15 more is better then none.

I am trying to find different colors to add to my collection so I raided my reds and yellows and cut a bunch of squares, all ready to make more Yo-Yos.

Happy Stitching Everyone and thanks for stopping by!


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