Monday, April 18, 2011

How Many Yo-Yos this Week??

Well I didn't really count them!

In this picture I have 4 appliqued down, two blocks basted and 3 centers basted.  I am getting smarter as I go, I have 3 needles threaded one each of light, middle or dark thread, so I can use a blending thread when I make the Yo-Yos.  Less needle threading!  I vote for that.

I also drew it in EQ7 just because it is fun to play in EQ7. 

I didn't color each block scrappy but I could.  The quilt in the book is about 80 plus blocks but I think I am going to do 36.  I have 32  background blocks sewn, so I only have to sew four more.  What color I will use for the border will all depend on how it looks once I get it together. 

The other playing I did in EQ7 is for my daughter's quilt, she wants another Irish Chain quilt.  I made her a black and red one when she was 15.  Now she wants black red and gray.  I haven't started it yet, but we have the fabric picked out and that is a good start.  

I also worked on my handouts for my EQ7 class I'll be teaching on May 14th.  I guess I have been busy.

Happy Stitching!  

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