Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It has been 24 days since my last post????
Where did the time go and what have I been doing?  I know I have been busy with lots of actives.  It seems I have been busy at least 3 or 4 nights a week.  Plus work, plus sewing, plus having fun with my new phone, plus trying to decide what storage stuff I want for my sewing closet, plus reading 3 books, plus a big church food storage activity, plus celebrating a birthday, plus surviving my annual review at work and all that involves, plus going back to the gym and weight watchers.  And last but not least a new laptop to replace both my dead laptop and my dying desk top. 

Sewing room closet

Let me start with the sewing room.  This is my closet, and that is my dresser in the closet.  All the drawers are full of fabric.  It has severed me well but it was only supposed to be temporary.  When my in-laws gave up their home we inherited their bedroom set which had a king size bed.  I had a new bedroom set and I didn't want to give it up but we didn't have room for the dresser, so in my sewing room closet it went.  Well now that all the kids are gone, I want to have a guest room but first I must have a place to put the fabric. 
I have looked at the Elfa system at the Container store, but they have open baskets, and I live in AZ and have an indoor cat, so dust is a problem and so are open baskets.  I found a similar idea at Ikea  that had solid drawers with lids on them but the sales man thought the fabric would get too heavy.  So I am still thinking about what to do.  I am leaning towards the Ikea product.  I know I do not want to lift one container to the get to the one under it. 

Deciding on border design

Here I have been practicing on my Plexiglas for a boarder design.  I did quilt it the way I drew it. 

Here is another picture of my little charm quilt on the frame.  I had a design all worked out for the blocks, but it didn't work.  I don't have enough space to do what I had thought up.  So now I have another design worked up but I need to do a little more practicing on my Plexiglas to make it flow.

Mistake #3

Well this is the quilt that is driving me nuts.  My first mistake was I started it at quilt camp in September.  I didn't read the instructions close enough and I cut too much and sewed up to many pieces.  Second mistake I sewed up too many of the next set up strips, luckily I caught it before I cut more.  Here on my design wall you can my third mistake.  I sewed all these sections together and had to rip them out again. 

Here is the progress I have made once I realized my mistake.  Not much but it is a start and I will have to redesign the quilt to fit my fabric as it is cut.  Goes to prove you need to read instructions, measure twice and cut once. 

I have been doing some hand sewing when I have a few minutes and want to relax and watch TV but want to do something with my hands.                                       
So as you can see I have been busy!


LadyGrace said...

Welcome back! I know what you mean about loosing track of time. I do it often when I'm busy.

I can empathize with you on your mistakes. I hate it when I have to rip stuff apart after taking the time to put things together.

Micki said...

You have been busy,and it is wonderful seeing you post.

Mary said...

Thanks Girls!!