Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sewing with Heather

Heather joining the binding together

On Saturday the 8th my great niece Heather came over to learn how to apply a binding to a quilt.  She had made this quilt with a little help from an adult but did most of the work herself.  I started teaching her how to sew when she was 8.  Now she is 15.  I really hope she keeps her interest in quilting as she is a talented gal. 

Here is her picture after her first sewing lesson with me in 2003.  I taught her bigger sister Amy how to sew also.  They were reminiscing about how Heather's first quilt was bigger than Amy's and Amy was so upset and Heather had told her that Aunt Mary love her more since she made the bigger quilt.  The truth from my point of view was Heather was a little more gutsy and was willing to keep going, so I let her. 

Isn't she pretty!
 She did a very good job on her quilt!


SewCalGal said...

What a fun day. Heather is very talented. I look forward to hearing more about the two of your quilting together and seeing her finished quilts too! Just delightful.


Cheryl Palmer said...

She is very pretty! What a wonderful time to share together. Great she enjoys and had the desire!

Micki said...

Tell Heather she is gorgeous and also a very talented, young lady.
What a nice time for you both!

Thearica said...

We need to teach more of our young people to quilt so the art never dies! Heather is a beautiful young lady and her quilt turned out fantastic!