Sunday, January 30, 2011

Quilting Update

Somehow I ran out of time to post last Sunday and the rest of the week was just as bad.  Also having a cold didn't help. Thanks Heavens my cold is getting better.  But I am wondering how I will survive work all day tomorrow after taking a nap everyday for 5 days.  Today I took sometime to update my side bar and slide show at the bottom of my page. 

Last weekend I finished my Moon Santa and he safe away until next year.  I am not posting another picture.  So far this year I finished two small quilts.

On the side bar you will find one box with the Quilts I hope to finish this year or finish the tops.  In another box I have the quilts listed I have finished this year, so far.  I am not making big plans for quilting since Genealogy is still taking up a lot of my time as well as that full time job. 

Since I was home and taking it slow I have been doing some hand work.  I finished 3 more Blue Work Dear Jane blocks, for a total of 6.  The blocks were already prepared to embroider on them.  It was nice to get some more done.  I now have to prep some more.  I have no idea how many I am going to do, I am doing them until I am sick of doing them. 

I really have been wanting to quilt something on my frame.  I don't have a quilt ready to place on the frame so I finished this little wall hanging.  I just had  this st had to add the outside polka dot fabric.  The backing is all pressed and maybe one night this week if I am not too tired I will load it on the frame.  The only thing I know I want to do is small e shape into the valleys between the prairie points.  I am trying to think of some kind of design for each block.  Stuff to think about for another day. 

Well it is that bewitching hour, time to go to bed since I work tomorrow. 

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Cori said...

Hi Mary! Thanks for commenting on my blog - it's nice to see you, too. I love the quilt you've put on your frame. The colors are lovely! Hope you keep feeling better and have a great week.