Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

The Living Room crowd
We hard a marvelous day yesterday and sure we had plenty to eat.  We decided to do Thanksgiving here at my house instead of my Sister-in-Law, Judy's home.  Of the possible 40 guest I could have had I had 18.  Those that couldn't come because of other commitments and sickness where missed by the rest of us.

We pull out of the gargage two banquet tables to fit everyone at a table.  I only purchased one paper table cloth that my Mr. B. thought was less than ideal.  He thought they should be all cloth, funny guy!  I might have to find some fall fabric on sale and make another one. 

Dinning room group

My plan was to take photos as everyone came in, but their hands were all full of food, so I cancelled that idea. I don't like to stop visiting to take pictures but if you don't stop you don't have pictures.  So I stopped eating to take a few shots.  The first shot of the living room crowd they all hide their faces.  I didn't make them post nice, but I didn't want them hiding either.  I should have taken this one from a different angel so I could have Kierra our daughter in the photo.   

The Man Cave group

We even pressed the man cave into service and had a table there.   Isn't our great niece a little cutie, and holding her own with all those boys.  I think the paper cloth looks just fine.  We borrowed the folding chairs from church in case you are wondering do I really have that many chairs.  

Everyone had a nice time, but couldn't stay long to visit since they all had other dinners and families to visit.  That is why we eat at 1230. 

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Micki said...

Glad that you all had a wonderful time!