Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Man Cave and No Quilting.

Insulation in the Ceiling
Mr. B. is enjoying having cooler weather to work on his man cave.   Last Saturday he finished the first layer of foam insulation.  I forgot to take a picture.  Yesterday he started with the roll insulation.  The ceiling is almost finished, except for what you see here.  He ran out of his first roll and he wasn't going to go to the store to buy more.  So he just stopped. 

The only sewing I did this week was the hand stitching on the binding of my Mystical Horses.  I am on the third side.  I had a very busy week both at work and at home.  I was hoping this week might be a little calmer but as it stands now I have something going on after work for 4 evenings out of 5.  That is too weeks in row I have been busy, I hope it calms down a little soon.

Happy Stitching all!

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