Sunday, September 26, 2010

Man Cave Update

Mr. B & his Helping Hands
 Mr. B. has been making some progress on his Man Cave and has finished placing all the tar paper on the wood frame.  So now the wood is waterproof!

These are the final tar paper pictures, it took him three Saturdays to finish it from the last pictures.  It is still very hot out there.

Tar Paper all done!! 9/25/2010
He was going to work on finishing the insulation form boards on the ceiling inside yesterday but two things happened to prevent finishing that little job.  He couldn't find his blades to cut the form boards and he was paged.  Mr. B. is sure he has new blades someplace but couldn't find them.  You know how that goes as soon as he buys more he will find the rest.

He was on call yesterday for work and had to go fix a computer problem at one of the hospitals.   That was the only page he had for the day and the night so we had a nice dinner out with a dear friend and slept all night long.

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