Sunday, September 5, 2010

Man Cave Update

My husband, now doesn't that sound boring, I think he needs a blog name.  Some gals refer to they husbands as Mr. B or P depending on the name of their blog, or last name or first name whatever the case might be.  In my case that could be Mr. M. or Mr. B.  I wonder is that original enough?  I think not.  Sometimes I call him "Ace" and when I look up the definition I find excellent; first-rate; outstanding and/or  a very skilled person.  Plus the usual and some I hadn't heard of definitions like the fighting pilot and a street name for a drug.  My husband is a great guy, first rate in many ways.  So I think this will fit him well as his blog name.

First round of tar paper, north side
So anyway Ace hasn't been working on the man cave mostly because it has been too hot and because he needed some helping hands.  So yesterday Kinsen was off and they were up early and added some tar paper to the wood. 

South side

Maybe they will get to do some more tomorrow since it is a holiday.  He isn't planning on doing any more major stuff until the weather cools off, mostly likely in October.

I just told Richard his nick name and he didn't like it, he wants to be Mr. B.  So he will be Mr. B.  I have to laugh, sometimes we are so different. 


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