Sunday, August 29, 2010

Quilting Update

New Design Wall and Big Board Covering
I did accomplish a lot of quilting type things this week which means I did very little Genealogy.  I just really felt the need to accomplish a few quilting things.  Two items were completely unplanned for this week, well one of them has been on my to do list and once I did that I saw something else that needed to be done so I did it.  The one item on my to do list was to remove the old muslin on my big board and recover it with new muslin.  Well that sucker is heavy and once it was moved, I notice how dirty my design wall was, we use to have two cats that liked to hang out on the big board.  So I ripped the old batting off an re-covered it.  Which meant I had to move all my storage stacks that live under my big board.   As well as climb up and down the step ladder.  It also meant that I need to go buy more batting then I realized that I could get a flannel backed table cloth for only $5 and that was cheaper and worked just as well as batting.  I ran off to the local store and pinned it to my insulation.  Since it was bigger than my design area, I cut it with my rotatory cutter, by moving a small cutting mat against the wall to cut off the extra tablecloth.  It worked real slick and was easier than cutting it with scissors.  I can't get over how clean it all looks.  One corner of the Big Board had been scored brown. 

Topsy Snowman
My next little project was to start working on my quilt camp small auction quilt.  I sure hope it will find a happy new home.  The theme for camp is "Let it Snow".  I think my little quilt will fit in just fine with the theme.  He still needs to be machine appliqued and quilted and some buttons added as embellishment.  The border print was a fat quarter I picked up from an ugly fat quarter exchange about 2 or 3 years ago at quilt camp.  I don't think it is ugly at all, and now it looks great with the other fabrics.

Mystical Horse 3 borders on
This is my other project.  I designed this in EQ6 and had the center completed since Sept 3 of 2007.  Almost three years.  I have even had the fabric for the borders for at least 2 years.  Today it called to me.  This is Laurel Burch Mystical Horse fabric, her first run of the design.  I really like the print of the fabric and the colors.  I only had fat quarters of it and maybe one or two half yards.  I just didn't want to cut the fabric and I wanted to use it all, or most of it.  This is my own design.  I did a lot of the color placement on the design wall.  Yes I have tow design walls, one in the sewing room and this one at the end of the hall to the bedrooms, it is right outside my sewing room, or a friend calls it the "Lady Den".  I just couldn't do plain borders so I purchased two different colors and the black for the resting border.  I was thinking of doing mitered corners for the big border but when I drew them in EQ7, they didn't impress me.  So I made 9 patch blocks instead and I really like the effect.  I still have one more border to sew on, but the day has come to an end and I most go to work tomorrow. 
Good night and happy stitching.

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Janice Hartman said...

I really think your little snowman is cute. Can't wait to see it finished and hanging up at camp.