Sunday, August 1, 2010

Quilting Update

So for tonight's Update I decided to show you all my blocks I have completed so far on my Farmer's Wife Sampler. I have a total of 65 blocks completed.  They are just arranged in the order they were completed.  So I will have a lot of fun re-arranging them in a pleasing manner. 
If you are wondering how I made this picture, it's really high tech.  I have all my blocks in an Yahoo photo album, I clicked on rearrange photos and it makes one large page out of the album.  I then took a screen shot of the web page, saved it as a .jpg file and here it is all for your viewing pleasure.  The software I use for screen shots is called Snagit.  I use it at work to my handouts and tip sheets.  I liked it so much I purchased it to use at home for my quilting handouts.  Not that I have taught many quilting classes lately.
This week I made three blocks, they are on the bottom right hand side.
Take Care and Happy Stitching


lorene said...

wow Mary, those blocks are great! 65! that wonderful!

pat yourself on the back!


Micki said...

These blocks are wonderful!