Sunday, June 6, 2010

Man Cave Update

Today I have lots of pictures of the man cave. Lots was accomplished this week, now that the evening are longer. Richard has had more time to work outside, the down side of that is it is hotter now. This first picture is the new hole in the wall. He drilled through the wall in the hobby room which is only 2 yrs old and through the foundation to the outside of the room. The reason is so he can thread cable, phone & Internet out to his man cave. Not that he needs it but just in case. Well it will increase the re-sale value of our home if it is all wired and it is easier to do it now then later. I wasn't too happy about this idea, and of course the hole is bigger than planned, it is suppose to be covered by outlet plate. It looks like he has some fixing to do here. He was happy to see light. In this picture the tubing is already inserted.

Then he gets to the other side of the wall, outside and I hear this 4 letter word for it didn't turn out like it should. His hole came out a little high and he had to break away the rest of the cement. He is going to re-cement it. So why did he push all the dirt back?? I'm only a girl but what do I know. If any unwanted critter's craw into my house because of this hole, plug your ears!

The air conditioning unit was completely installed, and he even turned it on. Since there is no insulation he couldn't tell how well it cools. I won't tell you how hot the door knob was to this man cave, it faces due West and I wished I had an oven mitt to open the door when I went in to take this picture.

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QuiltingKrazy said...

I love the "man" cave. I keep saying I am going to send my hubby to a man cave at the bottom of our property! Only it would be a Real Cave!!!