Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Project is Done!!!

Last year by this time I had all kinds of little projects done but this year I'm working on big ones. So it feels like I'm not making progress but that isn't true I am making progress, it's just not very visible on my done list!

This is the living room valance which is blueish in color.

On Wednesday when I took a day off from work I decided to make my Americana curtains and valances. I have had the fabric for almost a year and I first saw the fabric a year before that. When I finally got around to ordering it they didn't have the colors I wanted or enough of what I wanted so I changed my plan and actually it turned out better. I love it when it works out better than planned.
This is the curtain and valance over my computer desk, this window faces East so the morning sun is bright.

This is the kitchen valance that looks into the hobby room. This was an outside window until we closed in our patio. The valances in both these rooms are red. The curtains are off white & blue plaid.

Now just to give you a chuckle, I must have been off in my math when I ordered my blue plaid fabric. I measured it last night and said oh I have 4 yards that will be enough. So you can imagine my surprise when I finished the first two and went to cut the last two and realized I didn't have enough fabric. So luckily I had some red fabric left and just added the additional 8" I needed on each plaid panel. I forgot to add 4" to each window length for the hanging pocket and hems. All is well that ends well. And as you can tell from the final picture above, no one can tell I didn't have enough fabric. And in case you are wondering why I want my curtains to go all the way to the top of the window, that morning AZ sun is bright and hot in the summer, so we block out as much you can.

My son just asked why did you change the curtains and he doesn't like these. I won't repeat what he did say. Boys they have no taste at all.