Tuesday, March 9, 2010

An update

This is from my EQ6 class down at Cutting Edge Quiltworks, my LQS. These pictures are not posed, they are actually helping each other and very engaged. I have taught many EQ6 classes but I think this one was one of the best. It is always fun to see students begin to understand a new concept and to have fun. Plus it is such a great program they get all excited to see what it can do.

They want me to work up an advanced class, so I guess I better get on the stick. I have been so busy lately that I feel almost out of control. I'm trying to be balanced and not over do, because we all know what happens when you over do. So I feel like I'm only chipping away at things but that is better than nothing.

Here is the progress I made on Will's stocking. Can you see how much I have done!! Two lines of stitching is better than none. Opps I forgot I was suppose to go to the right with this picture! I'm not changing it now.

And last but not least here is my progress on my pin wheel borders. This will make two 20 block borders. Getting closer.

The big accomplishment for the week was to sew on two hanging sleeves and two labels on two quilts for the Arizona Quilter's Guild show Friday the 12 & Saturday the 13th at the Mesa Convention Center. I knew one quilt had made it into the show so I sewed the sleeve last Saturday night and the label on Sunday. I had returned home from delivering the quilt to the drop off person and I had visited with a friend. The phone rings and it is the quilt coordinator who asks were is my other quilt. I said I have never received the paper work on it and I thought it wasn't chosen to be in the show. It was and if I could get it down to the Mesa Convention Center I could have it in the show. I asked for a couple of hours to sew the hanging sleeve on and a label. I had it down there and was back home in 2 hours and 40 minutes. Record time. I did not turn on the TV or anything to keep distractions to a minimum. I spoke with a friend on the phone just to keep me company. Sorry no pictures of the sleeves or labels. What a relief you think. Watch for pictures of the quilts at the show next weekend!

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