Monday, March 22, 2010

Good Bye Uncle Bobbie

Well this has really been a hard and sad time in our family lately. On Friday the 19th we said good by to Uncle Bobbie. I was just thinking I don't remember when I first meet him, since he lives here in Mesa, I'm sure it was at my wedding to Richard or just before. Once you have meet Uncle Bobbie you don't forget him. In a word he was a character. He was funny, he lightened up the party, he had jokes and stories to tell, he had hugs and kisses for all the kids and all the girls of any age. Bear hugs for all the guys. He loved music and could play any song with lots of gusto. He had a way of making you feel special.
He children and two granddaughters did a special job at the funeral. Two of the sons did a medley of old time religion type hymns accompanied by guitar sung in a very country and western style because that is the way Uncle Bobbie would have liked it. His granddaughter who have wonder voices sang Be Still My Soul which was enough to move anyone to tears.
As much as we miss him here, I'm sure he is up in Heaven harmonizing with his sister Polly and his brother Bill (Richard's Dad), they liked to do that a lot here on earth, so I'm sure that hasn't changed.
Good Bye Uncle Bobbie, until we meet again!

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