Thursday, December 31, 2009

Quilt Goals 2009 Update

When I sat last New Year’s Day and planned the quilts I would work on I didn’t figure on a couple of things. I didn’t think about quilts I would quilt for clients, which took time away from my own quilting. I didn’t figure on getting involved in other projects with friends or just other projects I might get the idea to do. So I made a very long list of quilts. With that said I still accomplished a lot not all that I had planned but a lot and those unplanned things were important. Also before you turn green with envy, know that most of those quilts were small, they were not bed size.

So here are my 2009 quilt goals in review:

Planned Quilts 2009
Winter Wonderland 9 Patch Pizzazz DONE
Festive Santa DONE
Dear Jane Boo Swap DONE
Dear Jane Christmas Swap DONE
One Block Wonder DONE
One Block Wonder for French Doors DONE
Horse for Krystal DONE
Mystery Quilt DONE
Valentine’s Mini DONE
Easter Mini DONE
May Mini DONE
July Mini DONE
Aug Mini DONE
Sept Mini DONE
Dec Mini DONE
Sassy Cat Mini DONE
Sea Breeze
Blue Moon
SW Batik Stars
Mystical Horse my own Design
Dear Jane Scrappy Happy
Dear Jane Nurses’ Swap

Unplanned Completed Quilts
Square Falling Hearts
Uncle Sam Calendar Block
Kierra's Front Room Quilt
Kierra's Bath Room Quilt
Blog Give Away Quilt

Unplanned Started Quilts
Caribbean Sea
Washington Medallion
Square N Square Blocks to learn a new technique
Mystery Quilt 2010
Sail Boats Paper Piecing Class Sample

Other Completed Projects
Fall Valences & Curtains
Charm Bag tote
Zoe's Baby Blanket
Linda's Cross Stitch Gift
James Baby Blanket

Quilts Quilted for Clients
Julie's Scrub Top Squares Quilt
Julie's Mesa High T-Shirt Quilt
Adele's Baby Quilt

I did good!! Here all the pictures.

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