Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holiday Recipe Pumpkin and Mince Pie

OK here is another one of my Holiday Recipe. Of all my recipes I have been making this for the longest. I learned this from a co-worker in 1981, she had made it for a work pot luck and she gave me the recipe. I have made it every Thanksgiving and Christmas since. When Richard & I were dating and he had his first piece, he loved it. He likes it so much he won't eat plain pumpkin pie any more. Now the kids are another story, I made the mistake of say it had mincemeat in it and so they won't even try it.
So here is the recipe:
2 - 9" deep dish pie crust
1 jar of mincemeat
1 can of pumpkin (the small one that makes one pie)
Pour half of the mincemeat mix in each pie crust.
Prepare the pumpkin as you would for a pumpkin pie and pour on top to the mincemeat in the pie crusts. Bake as directed for the pumpkin pie. Serve with whip cream on top.
Enjoy & take care.

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Bonnie said...

Hmmmm, I will have to try that recipe. Mincemeat & Pumpkin are two of the three holiday pies I crave. (The third being my SIL's pecan pie)

We had someone in our ward give my husband a jar of real mincemeat - not the fruity kind, but the kind with meat in it. I'm still trying to work up the courage to make a pie with it. It just doesn't sound good to me.