Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Quilting Update

Do you ever get an idea and decide it has to be started now? Well that is what happened to me Saturday afternoon. I just had to make some fall valences for my windows. So I ran out to the local fabric store that is close to home and made a purchase. I made the Living room valence first, and it doesn't match the others only because I really liked this fabric, plus I like it better with my blue sofa.

Here is the one for the kitchen, this one is from the other fabric. A nice rust, brown, and cream. I like it, not my usual color choices. I like those cool colors but these are fall colors which is the look I wanted. You can see my Hobby room window through the kitchen window. Those are my year round valences and curtains that use to fit the bay window in the dinning room. We tore those windows out when we added on the Hobby Room. Lucky for me the curtains fill the new windows.

This is one of the windows in the Hobby Room with the new valence and curtains. I like them. Now if the weather would just cool off more. It has been unseasonably cool for here, low 80's by late afternoon. Very nice.

This all started back in the December of 2006. We had a flood in our house and our floors were all torn up. Dry wall had to be replaced and it was a mess. The floors didn't get finished until the week before Christmas. So I made these valences and some curtains for the bay window in the dining room. They turned out great and they sure helped make the house festive for Christmas since we couldn't have a tree. Well I wasn't going to do all that work for 1 week, if you really want to know the truth.

Guess what is finally on the frame? Yes my DJ Halloween Swap quilt. I'm doing some basting on the frame because I want to do some quilting in a ditch and some spider webs. I'm also doing some quilting on some of the DJ blocks. I'm happy with it so far.

Have a great day!!


Carma Lee said...

How fun to make Fall curtains! I'm making progress on the I Spy quilts. I'll have one ready to show you soon.

Mary said...

I'm sure your I Spy quilts are turning out great, I'm look forward to seeing them.

Cori said...

Love your fall valances - well done! And funny and cute that Richard just noticed the others. Have a great week, Mary!