Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Cool Blog I Found

OK I have been spending a little more time then usual in blogsville today but I have found some interesting blogs. Like this one. 365 Days of Free Motion Quilting Filler Designs
Since I have a frame I usually quilt at my frame but some times on little pieces I sit at my table top machine. I'm always wishing I had a new idea for a design. Let's face it meandering, stippling and loop de loops can get old. Well I just found the answer to my wish. Maybe with a little (really a lot of) practice I can convert some of these designs over to do on my frame.
Have fun!!


Kathy said...

Way cool blog! I hope she doesn't get distracted and stop. Ditto the comment on meanders, swirls and loopy-loops *sigh* but whats a girl to do with only 7- 9 inches of work space?

Mary said...

And that is a tight 7 inches also. I keep dreaming of a bigger machine, but I happy with what I have. Someday when my kids are very rich and they want to thank me for being a wonderful Mom I might have a bigger machine. Now that is really a dream!!

Cori said...

Ooo... Cool! Thanks for sharing that blog. Great ideas.