Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Arranging Furniture for a Room in EQ6

I'm on an email list for EQ6, the quilting software. One of the list members posted a question on how would you plan furniture for a room. I did this quick little quilt drawing and wrote these really quick instructions to give her an idea of how to this. I wanted a place to show her the picture, so here it is.
1. New Quilt
2. Use a custom quilt setting
3. Size it the same size as your room. For example my Hobby room is 30 x 10 ft, so I would my EQ6 room 30" x 10".
4. I would measure the space my furniture takes up. Example for quilting frame is 10 ft x 4 feet so it would equal 10" x 4" I would make that a block and color it.
5. I would make blocks to represent each piece of furniture and move them around in my room until I had the placement I want. You can also copy & paste blocks and re-size them to make your furniture.
6. Realize this is a bird's eye view of your room.

If I wasn't so tired I might make the directions a little clearer, but I need to go bed now to get ready for another busy day at work tomorrow.

Yes this is pretty much how my furniture is placed in our hobby room. There are pictures of the hobby room at my webshots link on the side bar if you want to see the real thing.

I hope this helps and stimulates some imagination. Have fun!


SandyQuilts said...


Where is this EQ6 email group? thanks

Mary said...

Hi Sandy,
If you go to to the drop Community menu to Info-EQ Mail list, there is a link to join the Info-EQ group. I have learned lots of things there. Have fun!