Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What a Surprise!

I had a very pleasant surprise and I'm very excited for my friend. Each morning I receive an email notification from Meridian Magazine a LDS online magazine. Today the first article was about my friend Angela Johnson with a YouTube video of some of her work. I can remember when she started sculpturing. Has her work grown and it is magnificent. I have the clip here.

Here is the link to her website. Angela Johnson If you look in the Galleries, Savior One, slide 14 you will see my favorite sculpture, Free to Choose. I have seen this in the Mesa Arizona Temple Visitor's Center. It has special meaning to me as a convert and as a mother of inactive children.

I'm so excited for my friend and her success. Her work is magnificent and uplifting. If her exhibit is ever near you please make an effort to see it.

Congratulations Angela!


Bonnie said...

Amazing talent! Thanks for introducing her to me.

Kim said...

Thank you Mary for this wonderful video. Your friend is very talented and I loved the music that played with the slideshow. Beautiful and moving!

Kim said...

What a beautiful and inspiring video. Thank you for sharing your friends talents with us. Beautiful!