Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What a fun day!

It is always nice to be on vacation and do some fun things with friends. I meet three of my friends, Irene, Kathy & Carma Lee and we went to lunch. We had a nice visit and talked about lots of interesting and fun things and of course we talked about quilting.
After lunch I went to A Quilter's Oasis to meet a new friend, Lorene. I meet her on her blog, and we emailed a couple of times, found out we are in the same town. So I went to the shop where she works and we visited for a while in between customers. It is always fun to make new friends.

Back at the house I finally unwounded the quilt and took a picture or two. I have it draped over a chair, to try and get a better picture. I did loop de loops. I always worried if the person I'm doing the quilt for will be happy with my quilting. I have to learn to relax about that. I keep telling myself, I'm doing the best I can for what I know. I know I'll improve with time and practice. The best part is Julie was happy the result. What a relief. My worrying is part of why I don't want to do a lot of quilts for others. Plus I don't like dead lines, but the little extra money is fun.

Of course I found time to work on my DJ Halloween Swap. I finally found a place for those 3 color blocks and they don't look mushy any more. I also found a way to us my Witches Undies. I like how it changes form day to day. It's like I sleep on it and it becomes clearer and I see how it will look better.
Well I'm off to bed. I'll need my rest so I can have energy to get packed up tomorrow for Quilt Camp!!


lorene said...

Mary, the TShirt quilt looks great!!! have fun at quilt camp! wish I was going with you....

Lorene H

Carma Lee said...

Lunch was fun and thanks for the Halloween quilt! It goes up on the wall soon.