Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Quilting Upate

Well I designed it last Sunday and I finished it today. I did purchase the border fabric and the paint for the numbers, the rest I have in my stash. Always a good thing to do is use your stash! I'm very happy with how it turned out.

While I was working on the September Mini, my husband asked me to make him a little quilt for his cubical at work. I went to my trusty EQ6 program and they had some wonderful computer images for me to use. Now if I can just find 1/2 a yard of fabric with computer thingies on it, I'll be all set. He works as a desk top engineer, he fixes software and hardware issues at work. He also repairs computers for friends and co-workers. He is always happy fixing computers. He is trying to recover some files on some one's computer right now.

The really big project I decided to work on is my Dear Jane Halloween swap from maybe 2003?? It is one of my goals to finish this year. I had a tilted blocks plan but when I was in CO, I found this book Beyond the Block. I found one design in there I really liked, it looked like it would hold about 20 blocks. Here is the picture from the book of the design I like. You can double click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Here is my custom quilt plan I made in EQ6, I did not draw it exactly, but just enough to give me an idea. It isn't a good picture but you might get an idea of what I might do. You will also notice some hand written notes on it, of where I plan to put what blocks. I have 36 Dear Jane Blocks, all 4.5 inches big or is that small. It also has a water stain, one of the cats jumped up on the ironing board and knock over my spray bottle of water.

And here is my progress so far!! It's going to be a busy quilt but I have this collection of fun Halloween fabric that I picked out for this quilt, so I'm going to find a place for all of them.

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Carma Lee said...

What a fun idea - a Halloween quilt. I might have to do that someday since that's my birthday. I'm working on 5 I Spy quilts for my kids families. I'll tell you more details about them in person. The polka dot quilt was a hit with my niece.