Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dress Fabric!

Well I had a successful day and accomplished my goal for the day. I purchased the fabric for the dress I'm going to wear to Kierra's Wedding. I found some I really loved at Joann's for $11.99 a yard and I needed 7 yards. It is only for one day and I felt that was a little expensive, since I'll probably never wear the dress again.
I found this very nice fabric at SAS here in Tempe and for 5.98 a yard I'm just as happy as can be. Here I am modeling the fabric.

Here is the fabric with the pattern. I took the pattern to Kierra's house the other night when we were there for dinner and she definitely likes Pattern D. Which the one I picked out. My friend Marce is going to sew it for me. I could sew it but it isn't really something I enjoy. I'm glad the wedding is in late October because that fabric is heavy and hot for August!

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