Saturday, July 4, 2009

The year is half over!

I just thought I would mention that because everyone always rushes around at the end of the year wondering where the year went. So I thought I will let you know that the year is half over. Actually it was a couple of days ago and I was going to post on July 1st but somehow I was busy. I wonder how that happens? So I was taking a mental inventory of the quilts I have finished and what I still have on my to do list. I'm thinking I have to do a little adjustment to my to do list. Of course there is always next year.

I Love 2 Sew

So is my list I started with:
Winter Wonderland 9 Patch Pizzazz DONE
Festive Santa DONE
Dear Jane Boo Swap
Dear Jane Christmas Swap
Dear Jane Scrappy Happy
Dear Jane Nurses’ Swap
Horse for Krystal
Mystery Quilt DONE
Valentine’s Mini DONE

Other Minis: Easter, May, July, Aug, Dec & Sassy Cat
Sea Breeze
Blue Moon
SW Batik Stars
Mystical Horse my own Design
One Block Wonder DONE
One Block Wonder for French Doors (adding borders today & plan to load on my frame today.)

I also added on the Washington Medallion and the Caribbean Sea Blocks of the Months to work on but not finish. Even thought it isn't on my list I have a Quilt of Valor I want to make and donate this year. Like the staying goes, "So many quilts and so little time!"

The way I see it today, I defiantly want to finish these quilts this year:
1. the One Block Wonder for the French Doors,
2. DJ Boo Swap,
3. DJ Christmas Swap
4. Mystical Horse
5. Sand Castle mini (Aug Mini)
6. Quilt of Valor
any of the orthers will be a bonus! Of course I am women and reserve the right to change my mind!

Have a great 4th of July! Freedom is a wonderful thing. Photobucket

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Sara said...

Its amazing the year is already half over! It seems like time flies so fast lately!
Love all the things you have been working on!