Saturday, June 13, 2009

An EQ6 Moment

As you might know I like EQ6, I have used it to design and make a few quilts I submitted one of them to Electric Quilt Company and it was posted on their User Gallery. Here is the link EQ6 User Gallery. My quilt is number 26, Witches Undies. I scanned my fabric into EQ6 so it it hard to tell the difference between the two but the quilt is the one on the right.

Here is the original quilt I designed, but it still needs borders and to be quilted. I just couldn't cut up the Mystical Horse fabric by Laurel Burch. I only had fat quarters of all the fabrics. I only bought yardage of the black with the gold dots for the resting border and some of a purple and pink both with gold dots for the outside borders, also Laurel Burch fabric. I'm thinking I'm going to make each border a different color. The first picture is from EQ6 the second is the quilt center.
You might notice in the actual quilt I added another row of blocks, I wanted it longer. I hope to some day publish this quilt as a pattern. This darn full time job just keeps me too busy.

Now I'm remembered there is another quilt I designed but it was designed in EQ5. I was teaching a class on curved paper piecing. I was using the book by Jodie Davis on Curved Paper Piecing. She didn't have a sample of all the different blocks and I wanted a sampler for my class sample. So I designed one.
I designed this one and purchased the fabric I needed afterwards. Using the Fabric Yardage feature to decide how much fabric to buy.

You will notice that my design has an extra block in it. When I made the block it was a mess. I emailed Jodie about it and she replied that the Gizzards and Heart block did not loan itself to being reduced. So I have it in my copy of Jodie's book of learning examples of what not to do. Even after designing the quilt in EQ6 I do a lot of design wall work.

As I look at this picture of my quilt, I noticed it is upside down from how I would hang it. On the large block the light color travels down to the darker color. Not that it matters too much.


Kathy said...

well it would matter to you, and probably other "quilty" people :)
Your quilts look great! I have some Laurel Burch canine fabrics and am reluctant to cut them. Tis is a great alternative!

Mary said...

Thanks Kathy! I'll print you off layout and block sizes and if I get any directions written up I'll send them also. There isn't a lot done yet.