Monday, May 18, 2009

Vacation Day 7 Shuttle & arrving in Orlando

Monday the 11th finds us renting a car and traveling North up I-95.
So you may be wondering what is in this picture besides cloudy skies? Well I'll tell you it is the shuttle Atlantis taking off for the Hubble Space telescope. We had planned to be closer to the take off, but we were a little late leaving Miami and we took too long for lunch. I was looking East since I knew it was close to take off and I saw this bright flash. Of course I wasn't able to take a picture of that. I took about 6 pictures but this one is the best. While standing in lines at Epcot I learned that watching a shuttle take off was a big thing and I meet many people who took the kids out of school to see the take off. They also waited 6 to 8 hours to watch the take off. One of those people happens to be a doctor I know from the hospital I work at. Can you imagine all those people in Epcot & I run into him place a co worker I know from Phoenix. What are the odds of that?

We got lost in Orlando looking for the LDS Temple, our Google map was not accurate. Richard meet a nice man who knew the lovely large white building and he directed us in the right direction. He had us follow him for awhile to get us to the right place. There sure are nice people in the world. We had been hoping to go to the temple but it was closed for maintenance.

It was late in the day by the time we checked in to our hotel room in Walt Disney World. We had dinner and a swim in the pool.

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