Monday, May 18, 2009

Vacation Day 6 Everglades National Park

Happy Mother's Day! My turned out to be very pleasant two of my three kids called me to wish me Happy Mother's Day! We took it easy today, we went to breakfast with Linda and two of her friends down in Homestead. I know one of the gals also. It is always nice to visit and catch up with old acquaintances and meet new people.

Our next stop was the Everglades National Park. After touring the visitors center we drove over to one of the planned walking tours on an elevated boardwalk. The Mahogany Hammocks are so different from the Saw Grass prairies in the Everglades. It made a nice contrast to the sights we saw on Wednesday during the air boat ride. Unfortunately the only critters we saw were the two deer flies that bit my leg. I could feel that happening. They are still red and itchy a week later. Those darn bugs! It was also hot and humid and we decided one walking tour was enough for us. Just call us wimps.
Our next stop was Robert is Here.. tropical fruit stand. I bought some of my favorite mango jelly, coconut spread, key lime juice and jelly candies. Linda bought some mangos and others fruits and veggies. We had mangos for breakfast for several days and they were very good. We also had a milk shake, I had a mango and key lime shake, which was excellent. I think it was the best milk shake I have ever had in my life. It makes my mouth just water thinking about it. They ship fruit and stuff, too bad they cannot ship the shakes. I would order one right now!
The rest of the day we spent at Linda's home just relaxing and all. Linda is also a quilter so we spent some time in her sewing room, playing with fabric and discussing quilting ideas and plans. She cooked us an excellent dinner. I have eaten some good food here, I hope I fit into my work pants when I get home.


Janice Hartman said...

Wow, what a vacation. Glad you had a good time. Love your pictures. Fun to see what others enjoy and do on trips.

Mary said...

Thanks Jan for checking my blog.