Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunday Quilting Upate a Little Late

OK so it is Monday again, where does that weekend go?? It just speeds by.
Last night as I started put the second borders on my one block wonder, you'll never guess what I found under my border fabric on the back of my sewing chair? Did you guess? Well it was a piece of the black binding I needed for the Mystery Quilt. I could have sworn I had a piece left and I was right. I didn't think to look under the other fabric. All the left over pieces of fabric for the Mystery Quilt were in their appropriate colored fabric bins. So when I didn't find the black with my other blacks I thought it must be all gone. OH Well it was just have to be as it is. ;-)
Border Audition.

I made some progress on the One Block Wonder but stopped when it came to the borders. I originally want to use the climbing rose section, but it was going to be too wide, so I cut the strip section, but it looks so washed out next to the center. So I previewed them both, and I will be sticking with my first choice. It will be a little larger than I originally wanted but it will be all good. The larger size might work better.
Well I'm off to the sewing room for an hour before bed.


Bonnie said...

Wow! Beautiful quilt. I want to try my hand at one of those some day. I like the border you picked best too.

LadyGrace said...

Thank you for sharing your quilts with us. I really love the kaleidoscope quilt. I hadn't seen a quilt pieced like that before. <3