Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Quilting Update

Well maybe I should just call it blocking sewing up date because I only sewed blocks. I drew a block #6 in EQ6 for Caribbean Sea sewed it and I started a Feathered Star block for another block of the month I'm doing called Washington Medallion by Susan Garman. My Quilting Friends & I are doing this together. We all had lunch together in December. Next Saturday we will all meet up at the quilt show and stop by my house afterwards.

I think most everyone has block 6 done, but I'm the only one who has started the Feathered Star from the medallion quilt. I have been the tester and they was a real struggle to get that star laid out with all the pieces going in the right direction. But I have it now it is almost done. I just set them all a link to my webshots and one emailed me back there two of the feathers are going in the wrong direction. Arg!! Lucky I can fix that and only have to rip two seams.

I also finished all my Math for Quilter's reading from the on line class at Quilt University. Lots of reading I have done most of the assignments. The costing out a quilt table is worth the class alone.

I read on one of the quilting lists that I'm on, that the longer you are away from your quilting the more you like it. Well I hated my quilting on the Mystery Quilt. The other day it was draped across the sofa and I walked by a day or two after that and said to myself my those look like feathers. The light was hitting it just right and it looked good. The pciture I took doesn't show what I saw so I won't include it.

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