Monday, February 23, 2009

Klint & Krystal

On Feb 12th my Dear Husband drove up to Star Valley AZ to pick up Klint. Klint needed to come to Phoenix to take a bus trip to Salt Lake City. He will be in training for a truck driving job for the next 3 weeks. While up in Star Valley Richard took some pictures of Klint & Krystal's spread. Klint built the goat house all by himself. He likes to build, fix things and has a natural ability. They both love the animals. Krystal love to ride and write fantasy stories. Richard said she just jumped right up on that horse's back. They have been married for three years and hate to be apart, but this job is a good opportunity for Klint. Krystal has a lot to keep her busy with 2 goats, 1 horse, 2 cats and a rodent of some kind. Mean while we are praying for Klint to do well on his new job and for safety while he is driving across the country. Right now he is in Georgia.
Richard just sent the pictures to me yesterday.
Enjoy the pictures.

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