Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Night Quilting Updates

For many years I have been taking pictures of whatever project I have been working on as a progress report. I have a little calendar that I write down what I did during the week and on Sunday I take the pictures and some I post on Webshots and others I just keep on my computer. Well now I have my blog to do both. On Saturday I started loading a new quilt on my quilting frame. I had the batting on and worked on piecing the backing. Today I loaded the backing and top and started quilting. I'm using a free motion landscape design, of course on this top it represents snow drifts. The quilt is a 9 Patch Pizzazz.

I haven't worked on my Santa since Thursday but I have the binding about 1/4 done. I also started working on a mini wallhanging for a friend for Christmas. She is a skier and the pattern is of a skier. I have to change some of the fabric around. I'm going to make the ear muffs & mitten the same as the sweater.

Can someone please tell me why I thought a pre-lighted tree with mini lights was a good idea?? This is the tree's third Christmas and the whole bottom of the tree lights won't come on. I swapped out two branches worth of bulbs that were burned out, and it still won't come on. I'm really wondering what I was thinking?? I also decided after the first Christmas I don't like only white lights so I put a couple of strings of colored lights on any way.

At least I have my fall quilts down, my big Christmas quilt up and the tree is up. Bear but up.

My next blog goal is to add a signature and change my background for Christmas.

Good Night to all!

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