Quilting Classes I Teach

Beginner's Quilting:

Beginner's Quilting

 This is my second sample I made for the Beginner's Quilting class I taught.  We used the book, Quilt, Quilts and More Quilts. I actually taught this in a 4 week series.

Beginner's Paper Piecing:

Paper Piecing Sample

One of my Christmas Paper Piecing Samples

Easter Paper Piecing Sample
Paper Piecing was the first quilting class I taught. My friend Rosie had opened a quilt shop and I was the only person she knew that knew how to paper piece so I was nominated to teach it.  That was back in 1997 before the Add a Quarter ruler that made my teaching paper piecing easier.  One of the fun experiences I had was when Carol Doak came to the shop and taught a paper piecing workshop.  I was her assistant and I learned many good tips from the Diva of Paper Piecing.   Since this was a popular class I had different samples and some times I had seasonal themes, such a s Easter, Halloween (not shown) and Christmas.

Beginner's Machine Applique:

Christmas Beginner's Machine Applique Sample

First Bug Sample

Second Bug Sample

Machine Applique was another popular class that I had different samples for.  The top one is for Christmas.  There is also a Southwest Horse that is not shown.  The top VW bug car pattern was pulled off the market since it violated copy right laws because of it name.  So I had to make another sample with a different pattern to be compliance with the law.

Beginner's Hand Applique:

Beginner's Hand Applique

The Hand Applique Class was also a 4 week series.  Unfortunately after I taught this once I went back t work full time and have not taught it since. 

Beginner's EQ6 soon to be EQ7

Students Helping each other

I packed so much into this class that my students left with their brains numb.  I also had a club that meet once a month for 2 years.  Once again my work life was so busy I had to drop doing the club.  I have plans to start it up again when I retire, when ever that will be.

My View
  When I taught EQ5 I had an advance class developed also.  I never got around to doing that with EQ6.  Another one of those on my when I retire list.


I used Rickie Tims Convergence book as my resource for this class.  This little quilt is a lot of fun and different fabrics really bring out different looks.   The secret is in how you cut and resew your fabrics.

Seminole Piecing:
 I originally took the class for the Seminole piecing from the author of the book because I wanted to teach the class.  I love taking classes from Nationally published people because you learn so much.  My friend helped me pick out the colors, she has a very good eye for colors and my eye for color has really developed over the years.   When I asked the author if she would be OK with me teaching her techniques, she was very please.  I cannot remember her exact words but it was all good.   This quilt also hung in a non judge show at the Chandler Center of the Arts. 

Log Cabin Quilt:
Log Cabin
The Log Cabin Quilt was a class I liked to teach to new students after they took my beginner's class.  This was my second sample.  When I first shop I taught at closed the second shop wanted a new sample with their fabrics.  Class samples are usually small just to give students an idea of how the quilt will look.  I used Eleanor Burns; book. 

She Overdosed on Dark Chocolate

One Block Wonder:
When Mr. B saw this quilt completed he wanted to know why I would make a brown quilt.  Brown can be a pretty color.  Anyway he immediately gave it a name.  "She Overdosed on Dark Chocolate."  I used the book One block Wonder as my resource, this quilts are fun and all look different.

9 Patch Pizzaa
Oriental 9 Patch Pizzaa
Notice the border treatment.  I designed the border.  I just thought this quilt needed more than a plain border.  I have taught this class several times and also have a winter theme one I have used as a sample. 

My husband wants me to sell my quilts but I want to save them for a while as when I start teaching again I won't have to make all my samples again. 

The following classes I do not have pictures of my samples.  The Triple Irish Chain has never been completed, rarely were we allowed to have un-quilted class samples but this one was an exception.
Dear Jane Quilt Club I used a poster of the original quilt as the class sample and I mostly taugth techniques, how to applique and paper piece such small blocks.  We started with easy blocks and worked up.  Since there are do directions on how to make the blocks I taught how would you construct this block type of tips. 


Bonnie said...

Mary, when I retire & move someplace warm (like AZ?!) I will come take classes from you. I've signed up to take a fun class the next two Wednesdays at a shop in SLC - Invisible Machine Applique. Hoping to learn a new technique for a quilt kit I bought last summer.

Mary said...

Thanks Bonnie!! Enjoy your class let me know if you learn some new good pointers. Anytime you are here, we'll do some fun quilting things!