My First Quilt

My First Quilt with Matching Curtains

Every quilter has a first quilt and I'm no exception. Fortunately it was used and used and finally I had to part with it. So the pictures I'm going to show you are from when I first made it. It’s not a pieced quilt but I still count it. The quilt was just some fabric, two widths of fabric sewed down the middle. The top, backing and batting was sewn right sides together around all the edges and the whole thing was turned right side out and machine quilted, down the lines of the strips. It was a bear to turn and it was a bear to sew, but I always loved that fabric. I made the quilt in 1981 shortly after I came home from my mission. I also made matching tab curtains. I used it up until 1995 or so and I think I finally donated the curtains a couple of years ago to Deseret Industries.  This picture is from my room I rented at a friends home, it was a mother-in-laws room.  I lived here for 2 or 3 years before I moved to Arizona.

Another view of my first quilt.

My second quilt and my first pieced quilt is made up of 5 inch squares. I used cardboard templates and cut the squares out with scissors. The batting is high loft. Each corner of the squares was stitched with thread, sort of like a tied quilt but with thread. Each thread spot was suppose to be covered with a white & blue ribbon tied into a bow. I never got all of them on the quilt.

You can see the ribbons on the lower left corner. I have come a long way from these first quilts.  This is how the quilt looks today, well used and well loved.  Even as raggy as it is now I still use it.  Last year when we did some remodeling my husband used it as a drop cloth and I had to rescue it.  Men!