My Experiment

I am writing this mainly as a journal of my experience with Essential Oils, so I remember how I felt and the changes I am seeing.

Last Tuesday on July 9th I went to a home doTERRA meeting.  I was invited by one of my friends. I was so tired that night and really just out of it.  That evening I won a bottle of OnGuard beadlets, everyone was given a EO Living magazine and a bottle of Wild Orange.  I went home and went to bed. 

The next morning I woke up dragging again, tightness in my chest and coughing.  I did a SVN treatment for the cough and took and OnGuard and took four during the day until bed time.  After the second dose I was feeling noticeably better, not 100% but way better.  The dust storms have been kicking up a lot of dust out here.  So I have been coughing and using the SVN treatment.  I am trying to avoid that cough were I can't breath.  My doctor thinks it is asthma but luckily my pulmonary functions are normal.

On Wednesday evening I was reading the Living magazine and read that Wild Orange was good for stuffed up noses.  So I put a drop in water and drank it.  A few minutes later I noticed my nose was no longer stuffy and I could breath easier.  My nose always get stuffy before I go to bed.  Previously my options had been this 17 Herb mixture that tasted nasty and only had short term results.  Or take Sudafed, which I really just don't want to take every night.  I took the Wild Orange again in the morning and now I only take it at night. 

On Thursday I signed up to become a doTERRA consultant.  The gal I sign up with and my enroller the three of us went to a training meeting.  There we tried more samples but I was really impressed with Breathe.  My enroller came back to my home after dropping me off and gave me a dram bottle of Breathe.  I have been using it since and have been coughing less and enjoying it more.  No SVN treatments, no chest tightness, and very little cough and if I start to cough I grab my Breathe. 
So far I have been happy with the three things I am using.  My Family Physician Kit came on Monday the 15th.  I used the Lavender on some bites I had on my two thumb knuckles.  No instant relief but calmed them down. 

I used two drops of Lemon in my car because it is getting that musty smell, dampness brings.  Of course in AZ it is no were as bad as it was in Florida.  I put the drops in last night when I went to bed.  This morning I didn't smell the Lemon and I didn't smell the musty. 

Today Tuesday the 16th I woke up feeling great!  I got up and put my exercise cloths on, without even thinking about it and without the argument, I should exercise, I don't want to exercise.  Plus I exercised a whole 10 minutes longer than usual, I felt like doing more but I didn't want to push it.

Well I have to go I will post more here as I continue with my experiment.

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