Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Playing in EQ8

Hi There! 
I have popped out of hiding to drop in and say hello!
I still haven't been doing any quilting. I have been working on scrapbooking, genealogy and raising my two girls. Believe me that last one takes a lot, and I mean a lot of energy. 
It wasn't easy the first time around, it isn't any easier the second time around and I am not as young as I once was. 
I will be 70 next month.

Anyway my sweet hubby gifted me with Electric Quilt 8 or EQ8 for Christmas and I have started playing in the software. It isn't hard it will be easier for new users but everything is turned around for me who has been using EQ for a long time. 

One of my friends asked me to design a quilt for her using a lot of orphan blocks. 

Here is the spreadsheet she sent me almost four years ago of all her blocks. I just total them all up 182 blocks. Varying in sizes from 2 inches square to 13 inches square. There is a strip that is 3 inches by 42 inches.  This should be interesting and it will be big!
Yes this morning I dropped food on the list, which is that brown spot on the top right.

The pink highlighted names of the blocks 
are the ones I have drawn in EQ8.

I took a screen shot of the blocks I have drawn so far. I followed the coloring she used to the best of my ability. Since I don't have a picture of any of her blocks. 

I thought this might be something everyone would like to see how the progress goes. I am planing on using a custom setting quilt. Wish me luck.

Happy Sewing!

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