Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Nutcracker 2016

Our Little Ballerina was in the Nutcracker again 
for November and December of 2016. 
She was originally disappointed because her letter of acceptance had her in the same role she was last year as a doll. She had decided she would still dance even thought she was disappointed. I was really proud of her for making this decision. 
At the first rehearsal her role was changed to be one of the mice in the fight scene. Not a baby mouse either one of the bigger fighting mice. This is a bigger role with more dancing. The only down side was it was hard to know which mouse she was. Since I was backstage for some of the rehearsals I was able to follow her moves. Of course when I was watching her from the audience it was hard to keep track of her with that big mice head mask on. She needed a pink bow on her tail. I guess fighting mice don't wear bows. Oh well it was a thought. 

Here she is in her costume. 
Little Bit as a Mouse in the Nutcracker

Professional Photo taken by Stefani Bullard Photography    http://www.stefanibullard.com/

Her grandmother came from California to see her dance as well as her Biggest sister, who lives here in town. 

The studio made new costumes which was interesting to see them change and improve from dress rehearsal to opening night.

The mask under construction, and even the body 
of the suit in't complete. 

Now we are getting that mouse look. 

Yes we are a fierce mouse. 

And here is my tail. 

As you can see in the professional photo 
that the costumes turned out very good.

Sadly she won't be in the Nutcracker this year. Little Bit turned twelve and is now in Young Women's at church and they have a big activity this Saturday and she wants to go to Slide Rock Park instead of the audition. Her choice. I will tell you a little secret I am kind of relieved. It is a lot of work and a lot of chaperoning, 
that I don't have to do now. :-)

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