Wednesday, July 19, 2017


It has been a year and four months...
since I was last here??
Where does the time go??
Yes, a pre-teen girl and a teen girl keep me busy and tired. 
In August Bigger Bit will turns 14 and Little Bit turns 12 in September. Not so little any more. 

Crystal Pier, June 2017

Here is a picture of us from earlier this year in June when we spent 3 days in San Diego.

So I did a Brain Dump of all the post I want to catch you all up on and the one that I will start with is the girl's Christmas stockings.
Yes they are finished and we used them last Christmas.
Here is the last post about the stockings.

This is a picture of the fronts of the stockings when I had finished stitching them. This was in October of 2016. I rushed to finished them so they would be to the finisher before the Christmas rush.
I made it!

Front of Stockings 

Now just for a treat here are the backs of the stockings.

Back Of Bigger Bit's
Back of Little Bit's

Below is the picture of them all finished.

All Done!

I didn't let the girls see their 
stockings until we had finished decorating for Christmas.
As you can see they 
really like them!

And the stockings were hung!

My hubby, Mr. B. bought a metal dowel for my Santa Stocking hanger. Since the wood one has been broken for a couple of years.  He broke it when he was filling the stockings one year. He didn't know how heavy the stockings get when they are filled.
It was nice to stuff them and still keep them hanging.

Happy stitching or what ever you are doing these days.

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