Monday, July 24, 2017

The Tree House

Mr. B made a little tree house in our large orange tree in the back yard for the girls to play in. 

Here is a picture of it when Mr. B had just started. It wasn't very fancy but good enough for the girls to go hang out in the tree. 
I thought I had more pictures than the one above but I can't find them. It was basically just a bunch of cross beams.

Recently he decided to do an upgrade on the tree house. 
Since the chickens have to stay in the coop and the girls don't have to compete with the chickens to use it and they don't have clean it  any more. He even improved the entrance ramp. I don't mind going in now. I think I might have to cut that one little branch a little.

Below is the lower level.Some of the wood has been in the old tree house and now there is some new wood to make it a full floor.

Upper level, I have my head up in the hole of the floor.

One of the girls hung a little bird house.

The ladder going up to the top level.

Me sitting in the tree house on the top level.
 Listening to the poor bird that is caught in the chicken coop. Sounds like a bobwhite. I don't know how they get in but they never find their way out. 

My hubby sure did a great job on this. 
Even the Bits think so!!

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