Saturday, July 29, 2017

Re-Organization of My Sewing Room

My Scrapbooking hobby is becoming more involved 
and working in the living room wasn't working.
 Let's face it I want one room to look presentable.

So for years this is my sewing room, I still call it my sewing room. So I had to squeeze scrapbooking in to this space. It was a big job. I still need to sort through some of my quilting stuff and give up the things that I know what I will never use 
but that is a project for another day. 

Looking into the room from the door way. Basically it looks the same, except now the bookcase under the TV has my paper supply in it. On the table that usually has my sewing machine are my most frequently tools use in scrapbooking. On top of the ironing board are my quilting tools that are normally on the table but here they out of the way of scrapbooking time. The little TV tray is for some of my extra supplies when I need them.

Another view from the door but straight on. 

The cutting table and shelves straight on. This is a mix of both kinds of supplies. Plus my chick flicks and music CDs.

This is under the table, a mixture of both kinds of supplies. 

Just a little closer look at the work table. 
My machines are stored under the table.

A closer look at the bookcase between the tables. Yes it is a bit of a tight corner. The top shelve is solid colored paper and the second shelve paper with designs mostly in pads. 
And yes those pads are in alphabetical order, I have the names of the paper written on the spine of the pads. 
Third shelf is other scrapbooking supplies.
Yes those are my special treats in a basket on the floor. 

This is the second bookcase which is a mix of 
quilting supplies and scrapbooking supplies. 

Just a close up of the second bookcase. The only shelf with scrapbooking stuff is the one with the two binders. 

This is obviously a quilting side, the design wall, ironing board 
and fabric storage. Yes I need a new cover for the design wall but I have a cat that likes to claw at it, so I am waiting. I am not designing with fabric right now anyway, just paper.

The closet that is filled with fabric arranged by color. No change here in the last five years.

Behind the door hanger has some quilting things and some scrapbooking things, mostly punches.  The peg board has all the larger rulers I use in quilting.

So now we are back to where we started, 
we have made our way around the room.

I won't admit how long it took me to re-organize my room, but it was long. Plus I was working on scrapbooking during the project. 

Well Little Bit just asked me to mend some pants for her, so I guess I have to go clean off the creative explosion that is currently on my table and put the sewing machine up. I am going to cheat and use the little Featherweight machine instead of the big one. It is a straight seam anyway. 

Happy Stitching and Happy Scraping!!

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Cactusneedle said...

My sewing room is also a combination of sewing and papercraft. And cross stitch. It's hard when it's a small room!