Thursday, July 20, 2017

Chickens Adventures

I am not sure how it happened but we now have chickens. I am not sure if Mr. B suggested it or the girls asked for them. 

Hubby built the coop.

As you can see he did a very good job! 
We had just bought the chicks home.
This was on September 29th 2016. The chicks were three days old.

3 Day Old Chicks

The Bits with the chicks.

Little Bit and chick.

Bigger Bit with the chickens, they are a little bigger here. She set up a little fence so they won't run away.

Here they are big and they think I have something to
 eat on my shoe. Silly chickens.

Here they are on the neighbors front yard. We let them roam free for awhile. Until we received a complaint from the city about them roaming. So hubby moved the chicken coop in under some branches of our orange tree and made a run for them. They sure do want to escape every time you open the door. 

Our first eggs!

They come in colors. 
We even died them for Easter and you couldn't tell on the blue eggs at all and the brown eggs just had a deeper color.

I was just ready to go out and take a picture of the coop 
in the tree but it started to rain and now it is dark. 
So I will have to do that tomorrow.

Until then take care and Happy Stitching!

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