Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Personal Note

Before I retired I had gained a lot of weight over the last few years I was working. That old stress eating will get you every time. 
I thought when I retired it would be easy to lose weight. 
Wrong again! Little kids moved in that weren't trained to eat good meals. It has been hard to improve their eating habits. Their eating habits are getting better but they are a little picky and they don't like the same stuff. They also have a large amount of comfort food habits that they brought with them. 

This picture came up as a memory on Facebook. It was taken in August of 2011 having lunch on my way to my last quilt retreat.

So needless to say I only lost 10 pounds before I decided in January to do something about it. In January I went back to Weight Watchers. I have had some good success with it until I went on vacation. When I went on vacation I was 0.2 lbs from a 30 lb lost. I gain 4.6 lbs on vacation, those burgers, fries, pizza, fajitas and fancy breakfasts were very good. It has been 5 weeks since we came back and I still haven't hit 30 lbs. Those dang plateaus are a pain. I have been trying not to get discouraged. 
I am now 0.4 from 30 lbs off. 
It is hard for me to see if I am losing weight. One of my friends sent me this picture, which was taken on Saturday July 22. 
I can now see the difference. 
I am also sporting some new cloths in this picture.

When I showed the pictures to Mr. B. He was surprised that I had gained so much weight. He also likes the new and improved me!
Total lost 40 lbs from 2011.

I don't have an end goal in sight, that is too big to work for, 
I am just going 10 lbs at a time. 

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