Friday, April 15, 2016

Another Finished Quilt

Have you missed me? I haven't posted a thing in over two months.

  I am grateful to all of you you stop by and visit.  On December 1st I noticed I had 97,670 visitors and I thought I should have a little something fun for when I hit 100,000 visitors. Well that must have happened during the mid-night hour and I missed it.  Because as of today, April 15th I have had 113,00 visitors. Thanks again to all you stop by and visit.

This quilt was on my list to finish last year when I was going to the Get R Done group.  Yes, my Pink Princess is done and sent to my great niece in Florida.  

Here it is when I was finished with the quilting on the frame.  I used pink variegated thread. 

I really enjoy this moment when I can say it is all done!!

Close up of the quilting. In this picture the color is my accurate compared to the one above. 

This quilt also has a label, I used the healing tool to block out my great niece's full name.  And the picture was taken on March 1 2016,  I finished the quilt on the last day of February. So my record for the year is, one quilt per month. 2 for 2. 

And here is the sweetest picture of all, my great niece, "Sweetpea" looking at the back of her quilt. 

I was originally going to make this quilt for my Little Bit since the Princess fabric matches a pillowcase I made for her first Christmas with us. The quilt is too small for her now, so when Sweatpea was born I thought it should go to her instead.  I found some fun ballerina fabric to make a quilt for Little Bit. 

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