Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What?? It is February???

How did so much time pass and I haven't done one blog post????
I know how, I got busy!!
All that work up to Christmas and boom nothing?  Let's see if I can catch you up, a little at a time.  So I don't overwhelm you.

One of our other Pre-Christmas activity was to go see the Christmas Lights at the Mesa Temple Gardens.  They are really beautiful.  We went on the 23rd and I have never gone this close to Christmas before and let me tell you it was crowded.  Even with all the people, all was calm and peaceful, just a lot of people and everyone was very patient, which made for a nice experience.

There is that special almost full moon for Christmas.

The Three Wise Men and camels.

The Holy Family

Mr. B and me, it was cold that night.

The Girls.

My Beautiful girls!

We didn't wait in the long line to see the different Nativity scenes from around the world because the line was too long. 

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