Thursday, February 4, 2016

My Special Gift

My Second Cousin in England sent me a marvelous Christmas gift.  She sent me an art book full of the art work of another cousin.  He is a cousin once removed, or a grandson of our great grandfather. I was very excited to receive the book.  She was also good enough to send a newspaper article about the release of his book.

This is my cousin Robert with his book! And Here is a link to his home page.

This is the article.

More pictures from the article.

Cover of the book, inside my book I have his autographed.

From the first time I saw his artwork, I could see some of his pictures being made into quilts and this is the one that I can see making into one.  I have an idea how to go about it, but I need to find some fabric. I haven't been drawn to landscape quilts but there is something about Robert's art that wants me to try it. 

Congratulations to Robert for publication of his book! 
And thanks cousin Susie for sending me the book!!

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