Monday, June 22, 2015

Stitch Witch Progress

Well Thursday was my day!  I was at the Project Get RR Done meeting.  Since the project for the month was done, my name was entered into a drawing for a small prize, and I won it!  The prize was neon dots to label rows of blocks.  

Then we had the drawing for the next month project to be done for July, one gal asked for number 3 I asked for number 2.  Guess what number was drawn, yup number 2. Since I was already working on #2 and it need to be done by the 26th of July for the shop Meet and Greet, I was very happy.  

I checked my phone while at the group and my husband sent 
me an email and said to my wonderful wife in it.  
How sweet, he is a keeper. 

So here is project #2 The Stick Witch.

Here are all the fabric squares for the top half of the witch 
fused on and ready to sew the rows together.

Here she is with the horizontal rows sewed together.

And now the vertical rows.

Now the bottom half has all the fabric squares and just checking to be sure the colors are correct on the bottom and top rows. 

Reading instructions can be helpful, I found these instructions for this pattern a little lacking.  One tip I missed when I did the top was to stitch every other row.  I did it on the bottom and it really made it easier to press and sew.  After I sewed three rows I noticed I had my direction of seams messed up, so I had to do some ripping and I decided to press them in the right direction.  I found this helpful and did it for the rest of the bottom.  It also helped pressing the whole thing easier.  At least I learn from my mistakes. 

Top and bottom joined!
Now to sandwich and quilt her than do all the 
embellishments and close her up and put her on her tube. 

I am thinking of making this a two session class.  
Now to work out all the details and what homework 
the students need to do before each class.  
There are 280 black 1 3/8" squares in this witch!  

Happy Stitching!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

So What Have You been Up To?

This is what I have been up to...
I did foster respite care for two girls age 7 and 5 for nine days.  
I am exhausted!
It was fun but work. 
Fun to see my Bigger Bit help with brushing teeth, playing with the girls and reading to them at night.
Little Bit played with them also but she felt a little insecure especially when they started calling me Mama. 
She is feeling better now that it is back to the four of us.

I made each of our guest a scrapbook page, I can't post that.  I also managed to make myself two pages. 

Spring School Pictures of the girls, ages 11 and 9, 
grades 5 and 4.  Both have been promoted.

I also made this page of the professional photo I had taken in 2000 for the Excellence in Oncology Nursing award I received.  I hated this picture I thought I looked ugly in it.  Now 15 years later it isn't my favorite and it isn't that bad of me.  I think I hate the glasses.  Of course I saw it in programs, life size posters and 
such all out of proportion, which may had contributed to 
my dislike of the photo.  

This is the progress I made on Little Bit's stocking, not a lot 
and I didn't work on it at all last week. 

Yesterday I started working on my Stick Witch that is on my Get R Done project list.  I want to get some of it done before the meeting tomorrow so I can show the shop owner and letting her know what she needs to order for class.  
In this picture my squares of fabric on just fused on to the Fusible Quick Grid.  I still have over 70 more black squares to fuse on and 10 half square triangles on the bottom.  This is only the top half of the witch.  So what you see here is the witch's hat and her face.  

Well it is time for me to get back to work. 

Happy Stitching or what ever you are are to!

Friday, June 5, 2015

First Project is DONE!

Yes it is and I am happy!!
I still have room for improvement and someday I might even do another Skillbuilder panel. Here is their website if you would like to know more.  

Here is the proof!

I know it is hard to see!

This is the element I did last, #7.  It was a little confusing on which direction I should go but I finally figured it out.  

This is element 25, the last one, if I had gone in order. 
It is on it's side in the panel.  I am getting better 
at going over the same area again.  

The back, an area where my tension is pretty good.  
Some areas aren't so good.  I'll do better the next time. 

Well the family all went for a ride and I have the house to myself and I am going to go work on something else!

Happy Stitching

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Progress Report

Well I thought I had done more on this stocking than I have done.  But every stitch counts towards getting it done.  In case you are wondering I did the bottom straight line and the stems for the flowers that are pointed down.

On my Get RR Done project, The Free Motion Skill-builder, I feel like I have made good progress.  I had three elements done out of 25 when I last posted and now I have only have 7 more elements to finish. The yellow highlighter on the image below show all the things I have finished.  
I went in order except for #7, I am having a hard 
time figuring out the direction to stitch. 

A view of the top row of stitching,  It is hard to see the white thread on the white fabric. but maybe you can see the 
effect of the stitching. 

Some of the center part.  I have learned a lot and I have learned to stop and go without making big jumping stitches.  I have ideas of different designs to do in an area.  Plus I am learning the things to set my machine up correctly for free motion.  I was working too hard on a couple of elements, until I remembered some settings to change and oh what a difference that makes.
Hopefully I won't forget all I am learning.

This project has to be done in two weeks to count, so I can be placed in the monthly prize drawing. 

Happy Stitching!